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Adaptor Flange     
An intermating flange that connects between two other flanges that are different connection types from each other. Two types are available:- Double Studded Adaptor (DSA), or a Single Studded Adaptor (SSA). 
Adaptor Spool      
A pressure control housing body with two different end connections to fit between two other pieces of equipment. Can often be used instead of a Double Studded Adaptor because at least one of the components to which it connects has a studded flange connection.

Choke Valve        
Pressure control equipment (choke valve) used to restrict and regulate the flow of well fluids to maintain a desired pressure and flow rate. Chokes typically have hardened internal replaceable parts specifically designed to resist erosion caused by high pressure, high velocity or abrasive fluids typically used as part of a Choke Manifold or Xmas Tree.

Choke Manifold   
A complete assembly of valves, Fittings, Flanges and Chokes configured to control and regulate the flow of fluid from a well bore.

Casing Spool        
A piece of well control equipment (flanged, welded or hub clamp) attached to the top of surface casing, allowing the attachment of Blowout Preventers during the drilling, phase and later used to hang and suspend a secondary string of casing set inside hung on a set of casing slips.

Casing Head          
Steel manufactured by pouring molten steel into a metal or wooden meld to produce the desired shape after solidification and cooling.

Christmas Tree     
A complete assembly of Gate Valves and studded outlets and a top connector etc. used to regulate and control the flow of oil and gas during well production.

A Fitting with four connections in the same plan with twoof these connections forming an in-line run. Crosses can also be 5 Way and 6 Way.