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TCM Tubing Heads

TCM Tubing Heads
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Item : W002
Details :
TCM Tubing Head Spools 
TCM tubing head spools feature a versatile straight bore design for single and multiple completions. This design accepts all tubing hangers and easily converts from a single completion to multiple completion with the addition and alignment pins.
Straight Bore Design:
Features a 45°landing shoulder capable of supporting maximum loads.
Manufacturing Standard:
API Spec 6A, PSL1~4, DD,P U,PR1~2.
Line Pipe Outlets;
Studded Side Outlets.
Tubing Hanger Compatibility:
Tubing heads accept a wide variety of tubing hanger styles including mandrel and wrap-around.
Bottom Connections:
For use with PE secondary seal bushing;
For use with HPE secondary seal bushing for high pressure applications.
Tubing heads are supplied with EFT style lock-screws.
Available Sizes:
Available with 7-1/16” nominal bowl compatible with 7-5/8” production casing,9” nominal bowl compatible with 8-5/8” production casing and 11” nominal bowl compatible with 9–5/8” production casing.  

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